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How to Make a Large Non-Cash Donation to Charity December 2, 2022 Posted in: Donors, Ways to Give Want to make a major non-cash donation to your favorite charity? Donate your major gift through The Giving Block’s Private Client Services. Read more
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TGB donation widget_Blog | The Giving Block The Simplest Way to Donate Non-Cash Assets to Charity December 1, 2022 Posted in: Donors, Ways to Give Want to make a donation directly to your favorite charity? The Giving Block makes it easy to give stocks or crypto directly to nonprofits. Read more
BLOG-Beat the Fees | The Giving Block “Beat the Fees”: Switch to The Giving Block for Stocks and We’ll Beat your Current Stock Processing Fees by 50%, Guaranteed November 30, 2022 Posted in: Company News Nonprofits can switch to The Giving Block from any stock donation solution through the end of the year and save 50% on fees for every donation. Read more
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Getting to Know Cryptocurrency Donors

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The Rise of NFT Fundraising

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BLOG-New to Crypto Fundraising-Get Started With These 7 Resources | The Giving Block New to Crypto Fundraising? Get Started With These 7 Resources Crypto fundraising is one of the fastest growing nonprofit trends. Ready to learn? Browse through some of The Giving Block’s best beginner resources. Read more
BLOG How Crypto Works- 5 Basic Concepts Every Fundraiser Must Know | The Giving Block How Crypto Works: 5 Basic Concepts Every Fundraiser Must Know Wondering how crypto works? Enlighten yourself about these must-know topics for nonprofit fundraisers. Read more
BLOG - What Nonprofits Want to Know About Crypto Philanthropy | The Giving Block What Nonprofits Want to Know About Crypto Philanthropy What do nonprofits want to know about Crypto Philanthropy? In a recent speech, The Giving Block’s Co-Founder, Alex Wilson, shared what nonprofits ask him most. Read more

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BLOG-CryptoGiving Tuesday | The Giving Block Crypto Giving Tuesday is On a Mission to Show the World that Crypto is More than One Bad Actor Crypto Giving Tuesday is the one day each year where all of web3 comes together to celebrate crypto as a force for good. Read more
BLOG-Most Important KPIs for Crypto Fundraising | The Giving Block The 5 Most Important KPIs for Crypto Fundraisers Learn the most important KPIs that your nonprofit needs to know for your next crypto fundraising campaign. Read more
BLOG Donor Stewardship Ideas During a Bear Market | The Giving Block Crypto Philanthropy: Donor Stewardship Tips During Bear Markets Crypto bear markets can actually benefit fundraisers. Learn what nonprofits can do to improve Crypto Philanthropy donor stewardship during market downturns. Read more

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Millennial Investors Prefer Crypto to Stocks - BLOG | The Giving Block 47% of Wealthy, Young U.S. Investors Own Crypto: Study A study from Bank of America found that nearly half of young, wealthy U.S. investors hold cryptocurrency. Read more
Crypto Market Capitalization Passes $1T | The Giving Block The Crypto Market Cap is Over $1T. Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Accept Cryptocurrency Donations? Learn why crypto market cap matters, and how this vital statistic can inform your nonprofit’s decision to accept cryptocurrency donations. Read more
93 Percent of Businesses Plan to Accept Bitcoin 93% of Businesses Taking Bitcoin See Revenue and Brand Perception Improve. Does Accepting Bitcoin Donations Help Nonprofits, Too? Merchants enabling crypto payments have seen major benefits. So are the nonprofits now accepting Bitcoin donations. Read more

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RESOURCES - Should Crypto Investors Just Donate Cash | The Giving Block Myth vs. Fact: Should Crypto Investors Just Donate Cash? There are many benefits to choosing to donate crypto rather than cash. Here's a breakdown of the top reasons and how both donors and nonprofits benefit. Read more
RESOURCES - Myth vs. Fact Do Crypto Donations Have Real-World Value | The Giving Block Myth vs. Fact: Do Crypto Donations Have Real-World Value? Find out some of the main reasons why crypto donations have real-world value. Read more
RESOURCES - 12 myths | The Giving Block The 12 Biggest Myths About Cryptocurrency Fundraising Debunking the dozen most common myths about nonprofit cryptocurrency fundraising. Read more

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BLOG-Your NPO Guide to EOY Crypto Donations | The Giving Block Your Nonprofit’s Guide to End-of-Year Crypto Donations Learn how you can use end-of-year crypto donations to diversify revenue sources and maximize your nonprofit’s year-end giving campaign. Read more
Crypto Year-End Giving: Why December 31 Is The Best Day For Crypto Donations The largest giving day for the nonprofit sector is December 31. Here's how to make your crypto donation during the year-end giving season. Read more
Image for Giving Tuesday Charities Article 17 Types of Giving Tuesday Charities that Accept Crypto Donations Giving Tuesday is one of the biggest giving days of the year. Here's how to give crypto donations to your favorite Giving Tuesday charities. Read more