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Crypto Fundraising

The Best Crypto Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofits in 2023 - Blog | The Giving Block The Best Crypto Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofits Explore options for accepting crypto donations and choose the best crypto fundraising platforms for nonprofits.
The Giving Block Launches Salesforce Integration | The Giving Block The Giving Block Becomes the First Crypto Philanthropy Platform to Launch Salesforce Integration The Giving Block is the first Crypto Philanthropy platform to launch an integration with Salesforce to give nonprofits 360-view of their fundraising.
BLOG-CryptoGiving Tuesday | The Giving Block Crypto Giving Tuesday is On a Mission to Show the World that Crypto is More than One Bad Actor Crypto Giving Tuesday is the one day each year where all of web3 comes together to celebrate crypto as a force for good.
BLOG-Most Important KPIs for Crypto Fundraising | The Giving Block The 5 Most Important KPIs for Crypto Fundraisers Learn the most important KPIs that your nonprofit needs to know for your next crypto fundraising campaign.
BLOG Donor Stewardship Ideas During a Bear Market | The Giving Block Crypto Philanthropy: Donor Stewardship Tips During Bear Markets Crypto bear markets can actually benefit fundraisers. Learn what nonprofits can do to improve Crypto Philanthropy donor stewardship during market downturns.
BLOG - X Benefits of Crypto Fundraising for Smaller Nonprofits | The Giving Block How Does Crypto Fundraising Help Small Nonprofits? Small nonprofits face unique challenges. These are the major ways crypto fundraising helps smaller organizations successfully overcome those challenges.
BLOG-Your NPO Guide to EOY Crypto Donations | The Giving Block Your Nonprofit’s Guide to End-of-Year Crypto Donations Learn how you can use end-of-year crypto donations to diversify revenue sources and maximize your nonprofit’s year-end giving campaign.
How Crypto's Volatility Fuels Philanthropy How Cryptocurrency’s Volatility is Fueling Philanthropy Why does market volatility increase charitable giving? As financial markets weather ups and downs, we explore how volatility in the cryptocurrency market has increased generosity.
RESOURCES - 5 Tactics to Recession proof uour Nonprofit Funraising strategy | The Giving Block 5 Tactics to Recession-Proof Your Nonprofit Fundraising Strategy Use these tactics to recession-proof your nonprofit fundraising strategy and proactively hedge against economic downturns.

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