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Crypto Market Capitalization Passes $1T | The Giving Block The Crypto Market Cap is Over $1T. Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Accept Cryptocurrency Donations? Learn why crypto market cap matters, and how this vital statistic can inform your nonprofit’s decision to accept cryptocurrency donations.
93 Percent of Businesses Plan to Accept Bitcoin 93% of Businesses Taking Bitcoin See Revenue and Brand Perception Improve. Does Accepting Bitcoin Donations Help Nonprofits, Too? Merchants enabling crypto payments have seen major benefits. So are the nonprofits now accepting Bitcoin donations.
Key data 2021 | The Giving Block Crypto Philanthropy: Key Data and Statistics (2021) Crypto philanthropy is a form of charitable giving that support causes with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Get the latest data here from The Giving Block.
RESOURCES-Secure Donor Data | The Giving Block Secure Your Donor Data The Giving Block uses industry-proven measures to provide a safe and trusted fundraising platform so you can focus on fulfilling your mission.

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