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What Are Donor-Advised Funds - BLOG | The Giving Block What Are Donor-Advised Funds? Everything Your Nonprofit Needs to Know Discover how nonprofit organizations can leverage donor-advised funds (DAFs) to increase giving. Learn how DAFs empower donors and benefit nonprofits.
Budgeting for Growth - BLOG | The Giving Block Navigating Nonprofit Budgets: How to Advocate for Fundraising Expenses Become a skilled advocate for fundraising expenses. Use these tips to secure vital resources for your organization's success.
7 Ways Crypto Donors can Support Charity BLOG | The Giving Block 7 Ways Crypto Donors Can Support Charities [Infographic] Every crypto donor and nonprofit should know about these popular ways to fundraise and donate cryptocurrency.
Gift Acceptance Policy - BLOG | The Giving Block Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Gift Acceptance Policy A great gift acceptance policy is the key to diversifying your nonprofit’s revenue streams.
IRS tax form 8283 - BLOG | The Giving Block What is Form 8283? How Donors Report Noncash Charitable Contributions What donors and charities need to know about IRS Form 8283 for reporting noncash charitable contributions.
IRS tax form 8282 - BLOG | The Giving Block Form 8282: What Nonprofits Need to Know What you need to know about IRS Tax Form 8282, used by nonprofits for reporting crypto and other non-cash donations.
What is the Donor Lifecycle - BLOG | The Giving Block What is the Donor Lifecycle? Understand the donor lifecycle, an essential concept for nonprofits intent on building a successful fundraising program.
7 Emergency and Disaster Relief Fundraising ideas - BLOG | The Giving Block Facing a Crisis: 8 Emergency and Disaster Relief Fundraising Ideas Prepare for your next emergency fundraiser with these disaster relief fundraising ideas and best practices.
How to find new Donors for your Nonprofit - BLOG | The Giving Block How to Find New Donors: 20 Practical Tips for Nonprofits Looking to expand your nonprofit’s donor base? Learn new approaches that can help you find new donors and achieve long-term fundraising success.

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