Crypto for Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Donate Cryptocurrency to Nonprofits Providing Mental Health Resources and Support

Make a crypto donation to the Crypto for Mental Health Awareness Campaign to support organizations devoted to mental health awareness and advocacy, suicide prevention, and providing support to those living with mental illness.

Organizations participating in this campaign will receive an equal distribution of the fund.

Donate using the Donation Form on this page. To receive a tax receipt, be sure to enter your email address when making your donation.

How to Make Your Crypto Donation

  • Pick a charity below or donate directly to all using the Donation Form on this page
  • Using the Donation Form, select a cryptocurrency and the amount you plan to give
  • Choose whether to donate anonymously or input your information such as name and address (sharing this info is optional)
  • Enter your email if you wish to receive a gift acknowledgment for tax purposes
  • Donate your coins to the wallet address shown in the Donation Form!

Donate Cryptocurrency to Nonprofits Committed to Advancing Mental Health Causes

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