Israel-Gaza Humanitarian Aid Fund

Make a charitable donation to nonprofits providing aid to civilians impacted by the conflict.

Since October 7, 2023, the conflict in Israel and Gaza has left thousands dead or injured and displaced more than one million civilians. Many are in need of food, water, medical care, shelter, and other basic needs.

Your donation helps charities supplying forms of urgent humanitarian aid to civilians in Israel, Gaza and surrounding areas where people have sought refuge. Donations will be distributed evenly among charitable organizations participating in this fund.

See which charities are participating in this fund.

Make a crypto, stock, DAF or card donation

The Giving Block’s Israel-Gaza Humanitarian Aid Fund accepts several types of donations, including cryptocurrencies, stock shares, Donor-Advised Fund grants, and credit cards. Here is how to give:

  1. Support the fund using the donation form on the page.
  2. Select a donation method and the amount you plan to give.
  3. Enter additional details, such as your name and address, and customize your donation (e.g. make it recurring). Options may vary depending on the gift type.
  4. Be sure to enter your email if you wish to receive a gift acknowledgment for tax purposes.
  5. Complete your donation.

About The Giving Block’s Emergency Response Funds

The Giving Block is a trusted fundraising solution for today’s nonprofits and donors. Our emergency response funds have supported numerous relief efforts worldwide, including in Ukraine, Libya, Maui, and Morocco.

Charitable organizations in this fund

Want to support a single organization? Below, you can explore charities participating in this fund and making a difference in the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

As with any donation on The Giving Block platform, if you provide your email address during the donation process we will send you a tax receipt immediately following your donation on behalf of the charity.

Which organizations will receive a portion of my donation?

Each of the participating organizations will receive an equal distribution of the funds raised. 

How can my nonprofit be added to the fund?

To be included in this fund, your organization must be providing aid to civilians affected by this conflict. If your nonprofit already accepts donations via The Giving Block, contact [email protected] and we will determine your eligibility.

If you are not accepting donations via The Giving Block but would like to participate in this fund, get in touch by filling out this form.