Ukraine Emergency Response Fund

Donate Cryptocurrency to Support Humanitarian Relief Efforts in Ukraine

Make a crypto donation to the Ukraine Emergency Response Fund to support organizations that provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Humanitarian Relief Organizations and International Nonprofits participating in this emergency response fund will receive an equal distribution of the fund. These organizations’ missions include providing urgent medical care and humanitarian aid to children, individuals, families, and animals.

Donate using the Donation Form on this page. To receive a tax receipt, be sure to enter your email address when making your donation.


How to Make Your Crypto Donation

  • Pick a charity below or donate directly to all* using the Donation Form on this page
  • Using the Donation Form, select a cryptocurrency and the amount you plan to give
  • Choose whether to donate anonymously or input your information such as name and address (sharing this info is optional)
  • Enter your email if you wish to receive a gift acknowledgment for tax purposes
  • Donate your coins to the wallet address shown in the Donation Form!

The Ukraine Emergency Response Fund is sponsored by Renaissance Charitable Foundation (EIN: 35-2129262). 

Donate cryptocurrency to nonprofits actively working on humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine

To find out what these organizations are doing to help in Ukraine, read more about their work and mobilization efforts here.

*Committee to Protect Journalists, Wonder Foundation, Habitat for Humanity Australia, The Danish Refugee Council (DRC), Action Against Hunger USA, and K9 Rescue Ltd. are participating in this effort but will not receive a distribution from the Fund. To support their work please donate directly through their donation page.