Crypto Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits and Charities

Ready to accept cryptocurrency donations? Get familiar with the fundamentals that can elevate your nonprofit’s strategic roadmap to success.

Ways to Accept Crypto Donations

Direct Donations

Enjoy charitable support from donors when they give cryptocurrency directly to your organization.

Impact Index Funds

Get an equal distribution of donations to an Impact Index Fund, made up of a collection of nonprofits working to achieve progress in similar cause areas.

Donor-Advised Funds

Receive funding from a grant that has been administered by a Donor-Advised Fund equipped to accept crypto donations.

Embrace Crypto Donor Values

Crypto opens the doorway to new possibilities in individual giving and corporate philanthropy. Create a lasting connection and show your nonprofit’s genuine interest in the crypto community by:

Getting excited about crypto and posting about it on social media
Showing the impact of donations using crypto measurements (e.g. 1 bitcoin = 10,000 trees planted)
Joining the bigger conversation about crypto philanthropy and celebrating other nonprofits’ successes in the space
Hosting Twitter Spaces to engage and open up a direct dialogue

Tap Into Fundraising Strategies That Work

Nonprofits are seeing exponential year-on-year growth in their crypto fundraising programs. By accepting crypto donations, you’re unlocking the opportunity to embrace new and proven fundraising tactics.

Token-Specific Campaigns

Break through the noise by activating crypto’s diverse token communities, from Bitcoiners to Dogecoin enthusiasts.

NFT Auctions

Collaborate with NFT artists and platforms to host charity auctions while increasing visibility for your cause.

1:1 Crypto Gift Matching

Coordinate major crypto giving initiatives through donor match campaigns that drive high donation volume.

Partnering with The Giving Block has empowered OutRight Action International with the tools, systems and knowledge to connect with donors who care about global LGBTIQ equality. The Giving Block team has provided us with insightful expertise and technical support to enter the world of crypto philanthropy and create a positive impact for the LGBTIQ community everywhere.

Katie Hultquist

Director of Leadership Giving, OutRight International

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