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By reaching our goal of raising $100M in crypto donations this year, we will have helped put $30M in the hands of charities that would have otherwise gone to the IRS.

Why give your crypto to the IRS when you can give it to a charity instead?

Every year, billions of dollars in crypto taxes are paid to the IRS that could be given to a charity instead. We’re on a mission to change that, empowering every crypto user to donate their crypto tax-free to charities, schools, places of worship and more. Keep reading to learn more.

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How it Works

How can I donate crypto instead of paying taxes?

Overview: The crypto market is up 1,300% in the last 2 years. For the sake of this example, we’ll assume that donating $1,000,000 in crypto at today’s price has been held for a two year period, which would mean it was purchased at a cost-basis of $77,000. With the federal capital gains tax rate at 23.8%, and state capital gains rates up to 13.3%, we’ll call it 30% taxes total to simplify this example.

How donating crypto lowers your taxes | The Giving Block
How donating crypto lowers your taxes | The Giving Block

($1M Donation Example)

How to Donate Crypto Instead of Paying Taxes

  1. Donate appreciated crypto to a 501c3 charity, school or place of worship here.
  2. Share the automatic tax receipt with your accountant/financial advisor.
  3. Get it appraised and secure your write off and capital gains exemption.
    Have Questions about donating crypto or how to get the best professional tax advice? Check out our resources below.
  4. (Optional) Purchase new crypto with your USD to replenish your bags. You now have the same crypto holdings, only your newly purchased crypto is at today’s (higher) cost basis, erasing the tax burden.
How to Donate Crypto Instead of Paying Taxes 2 | The Giving Block

Ways to Give

Standard Donors

At The Giving Block, you can donate to the Crypto Adoption Fund, Cause Funds, or any of the 1,000+ individual crypto enabled nonprofit organizations.

If you have tax questions to resolve prior to making your tax-optimized crypto donation, checkout these resources for software and consulting.

If you have questions about getting your donation appraised after you give, check out our resources here.

Standard Donors | the giving block

Private Client Services

We have partnered with leading experts from Ren, Taxbit and Friedman LLP to create a white-glove experience for individuals and institutions giving crypto this year. Start with a free consultation, and gain access to the top crypto tax experts who can help you with everything from making your donation safely, to getting it appraised and reporting it properly.

Interested in making a crypto donation greater than $100,000 and/or giving crypto via complex vehicles like trusts or family foundations? Start here:

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Common Misconceptions

“Will the charity have to pay the taxes on my crypto donation?”
No, not when you donate to a charity that works with The Giving Block since we only worked with qualified and registered charities. They don’t pay taxes on your donated crypto – no one does!
“Why would I donate crypto? I’d rather lose dollars than crypto”
  1. Determine the USD amount you want to donate
  2. Donate the equivalent USD amount using appreciated crypto to a 501c3 nonprofit instead
  3. Take the USD you would have donated and repurchase new crypto.
  4. Viola – the charity gets the same donation, and you don’t owe taxes on your new crypto since it’s at today’s cost basis now. Plus, you just got a 30% higher deduction and the nonprofit got 30% more.
“The cause I support doesn’t accept crypto”

We can help any registered nonprofit accept crypto, including cryptocurrencies you don’t see in our standard widget (though considerations like donation size, jurisdiction and the nonprofit’s consent factor in). Questions about donating crypto to a nonprofit you don’t see on The Giving Block? Contact us at [email protected].

“The crypto I have isn’t on The Giving Block”

We can support donations in a lot of cryptocurrencies you don’t see in our standard widget (so long as the donation is greater than $10,000 USD, since this requires manual work from a partner organization to process). Questions about donating other cryptos? Contact us at [email protected].


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What does partnering look like?

  1. Set a $ goal for how much your team would like to save your users/audience on taxes this year via crypto donations
  2. Spread the word to your audience/users and, as they donate, tweet about your progress!
  3. Let us know when you reach milestones, and we’ll update your position on the Tax Advisor Leaderboard

“We looked around and saw processes that took high-net-worth donors weeks, if not months to give crypto. So we designed a system to fix that.”

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