The Skatepark Project


The Skatepark Project

Mission Statement

We help underserved communities create safe and inclusive public skateparks for youth.

The Skatepark Project was established in 2002 by professional skateboarder Tony Hawk to support the development of free, safe and accessible skateparks in underserved communities across the United States, and international programs that enrich the lives of youth through skateboarding.

Domestically, the organization has awarded over $10 million to more than 600 communities in all 50 States, including $4.3 million through its Built to Play Program–a partnership with the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation. In addition to funding, The Skatepark Project provides technical assistance, advocacy support and public education targeting youth, skateboarding advocates, local governance and grassroots, community-based organizations.

The organization’s international program has provided technical and financial support to assist youth through the Skateistan educational programs in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa.

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Why Donate to The Skatepark Project?

Since 2002 The Skatepark Project has been fulfilling its mission to help young people by issuing grants to low-income communities building quality public skateparks, and providing guidance to city officials, parents, and children through the process. To-date, the foundation has awarded over $10-million to more than 600 public skatepark projects in all 50 States, and $150,000 to support the Skateistan program in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa.

To-date, 575 recipients of The Skatepark Project grants have opened their skateparks. These parks receive more than 6-million visits annually by youth who benefit from the active lifestyle and camaraderie the facilities promote.

The Skatepark Project supports disadvantaged communities and at-risk children. We are the only national grant-writing organization focused solely on the development and financing of free, quality public skateparks. We know that skateparks provide a safe and inspiring avenue for skaters to practice and excel at their sport, and the process of developing their local skatepark encourages and teaches young people about how to make positive changes within their own communities.

The Skatepark Project has been working with municipalities and community groups to help them realize their dream of a quality public skatepark in their community. For Tony Hawk, the organization’s Founder, skateboarding was a healthy outlet and a recreational challenge, and it provided a social group of creative, like-minded individuals. It’s also a sport that helped him build confidence, taught him to persevere, and through his mentoring of younger skaters helped him develop leadership skills. The Skatepark Project works every day to be able to bring these same lessons to youth around the world. 

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