Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization Celebration


Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization Celebration

Mission Statement

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO)/#ChooseWOMEN is a non-governmental, philanthropic volunteer organization with chapters in 144 countries and 112 Universities/Colleges. We are on a global mission to economically empower WOMEN to alleviate poverty. Women perform 66% of the world’s work, yet earn 10% of the world’s income, account for 85% of consumer purchases & control $20 trillion in worldwide spending. WEDO ignites women leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to initiate startups, drive economic expansion, and advance communities.Our mission is to empower the 4 billion women across the globe to be catalysts of change and uplift the 250 million girls living in poverty. 

Why Donate to Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization Celebration?

If you donate $1000, you can attend the #WEDO2022 Summit held in NYC at the UN on May 20th! Our agenda will focus on the impact of disruptive technologies, the escalating evolution of Crypto/Web3, and the pivotal role women play in both! We will spotlight the positive impact this community is having on the planet, especially on the current situation in the UKRAINE! The summit is Spearheaded by our Founder and CEO Wendy Diamond (founder of WEDO, LDP Ventures, and Animal Fair Media, Inc.). Our inspiring honorees and speakers include Cathie Wood (Founder/CEO of ARK Invest), Marissa Kim (General Partner Abra Capital Management), Hester Peirce, (SEC Commissioner US Securities and Exchange – “Crypto Mom”), Lydia Chiu (Investor Blizzard Fund/VP Ava Labs), Medha Parliker (co-founder/CTO CasperLabs), Lily Wu (Founder WowPixies NFT DAO), and Anna Snider (oversees due diligence on the Bank Of America’s $2.82 trillion investment funds). Click Here to see more!

Your donation will also go directly to supporting our initiatives!

(1) For every $100 of CRYPTO you donate, you will support an impoverished woman with a micro loan to start her entrepreneurial journey! Donate $10,000 support 1000 women!!

(2) We are funding 100,000 Afghan WOMEN to educate them about Crypto! By donating just $10, you will feed a woman and her children for a week and provide her with an education that will last a lifetime!

(3) The Women’s Disability Startup Cohort Program focuses on disabled women in business. Disabled entrepreneurs traditionally face greater obstacles and challenges in establishing successful businesses. The Cohort Program is an innovative platform specifically targeting support for disabled women in business while also providing well needed financial resources and mentorship.

(4) Now is the time to pass Bipartisan Legislation to support women in business and to revive the Interagency Committee on Women’s Business Enterprise (ICWBE). The bipartisan legislation ensures that women entrepreneurs can access the critical government resources they need to help start, grow, and sustain their businesses. WEDO stands behind Representative Grace Meng and the bipartisan coalition to make passing this legislation a priority. 

Learn More

 Donation website: https://www.womenseday.org/
 Twitter: @Womenseday

Total donations include contributions from Impact Index Funds – all USD amounts are estimates based on exchange rate at time of transaction and are not reflections of the current value of any cryptocurrency at time of viewing.

Make crypto one of the greatest forces for good on the planet when you donate to Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization Celebration today!

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