A Leg To Stand On


A Leg To Stand On

Mission Statement

106 million children live with untreated disabilities in the developing world. 95% cannot afford care, and without care 90% do not attend school. We’re on a mission to change that. Mobility is more than movement – it’s a human right.

We provide free prosthetic limbs, orthotic devices, and appropriately fitted wheelchairs, to children with limb disabilities in the developing world, whose families, surviving on less than $3/day, could otherwise never afford care. Mobility provides access to education, future employment, and the chance to live self-sufficiently.

One simple treatment, provided by us with thanks to your support, transforms a life and can break the cycle of poverty a child was born into. Since 2003, through local treatment providers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, we have provided life-changing treatment to more than 20,000 children. 

Why Donate to A Leg To Stand On?

You have the power to transform the entire course of a child’s life with just one cryptocurrency donation.

Your donation begins by providing the prosthetic limb, orthotic brace, or appropriately fitted wheelchair, needed for a child to move independently – many for the first time in their lives – and has a ripple effect, causing systemic change for them, their families, and the greater community. Your donation makes an immediate and long-term impact.

On average, our kids live 3 miles from the nearest school meaning that without treatment they would be physically unable to walk or bike to school. Your cryptocurrency donation will provide the treatment that offers each child the opportunity to earn an education.

We provide followup care through the age of 21, allowing our CoolKids to complete primary school, and secure key growth opportunities (job training, vocational school, university, etc.) which in turn ensures they are equipped to earn gainful employment. By supporting themselves and their families, graduates of our programs contribute to the local economy, remove familial requirements to care for them, and gain self-confidence.

Thank you for fighting for children you may never meet, but whose lives will change the world, thanks to your donation. 

Learn More

 Donation website: https://www.altso.org/
 Twitter: @ALegToStandOn

Total donations include contributions from Impact Index Funds – all USD amounts are estimates based on exchange rate at time of transaction and are not reflections of the current value of any cryptocurrency at time of viewing.

Make crypto one of the greatest forces for good on the planet when you donate to A Leg To Stand On today!

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