Camphill Village Copake


Camphill Village Copake

Mission Statement

Camphill Village is an integrated community where people with developmental differences are living a life of dignity, equality, and purpose. 

Why Donate to Camphill Village Copake?

Located on 615 acres in upstate New York, Camphill Village Copake is the oldest and largest of the nineteen Camphill communities in North America. Our community of 240 individuals includes approximately 98 adults with developmental differences who live and work together alongside their non-disabled peers – all of whom are volunteers.

At Camphill Village, each resident, regardless of ability, participates in meaningful work in one of our farms, gardens or artisan craft studios, which include a bakery, woodshop, and candle shop. We strive to eliminate distinctions between our volunteers and residents with disabilities, and emphasize that no job is of greater value or importance than another.

We charge no fee or tuition to any adult with special needs wishing to live at Camphill Village, and no one has ever been turned away for lack of funds – which is why your donation is so important to our community and the individuals who have chosen to live here.

The founding of Camphill Village in 1961 was part of a transformative movement in the United States to reform how society treats people with special needs. 60 years later, we continue to be an evolving model for services for people with developmental disabilities. Over the years, numerous communities, organizations, and groups have modeled themselves in Camphill Copake’s image. We strive to spread and expand the work of the Camphill movement so that more people with developmental disabilities will have a choice to live in intentional, life-sharing communities.

Thank you for choosing to support the residents of Camphill Village and the greater Camphill movement with your cryptocurrency gift. 

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