Children of Promise, NYC


Children of Promise, NYC

Mission Statement

Children of Promise, NYC’s (CPNYC) reimagines a just society that values the purpose of every child impacted by mass incarceration and removes barriers to create opportunities for children to thrive and achieve their full potential. CPNYC’s mission is to support and advocate for the children of incarcerated parents while speaking out against root causes that affect the communities we serve, including systemic racism, poverty and bias in our nation’s criminal justice system. 

Why Donate to Children of Promise, NYC?

Recognizing the unique emotional trauma and profound psychological consequences children experience in association with the adverse childhood experience (ACE) of losing a parent to incarceration, CPNYC has successfully developed an innovative model, the only one of its kind in New York City, which co-locates a licensed mental health clinic and children’s center, while also offering a comprehensive array of youth development programming in its Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and South Bronx locations.

CPNYC acknowledges that the consequences of parental incarceration and trauma are far-reaching and therefore any response must be as well. CPNYC has evolved into more than just an after-school program, children who have gone through disempowering life circumstances must be encouraged to reclaim their voice and recognize the power they have to lead purposeful lives.

CPNYC’s model is a holistic multi-service approach which is tailored to each child’s individual strengths and challenges and offers a unique uplifting environment specifically designed to foster hope, resilience, strengthen social and emotional development, and provide a pathway for young people to become lifelong learners, creators, advocates, and be positioned to achieve successful outcomes. Successful outcomes means that we are empowering young people to be change agents in their families, their communities and their world. It means opening young eyes, that were once shut due to family separation, poverty and hardship, to see opportunities all around them. We are bent on changing the narrative from at-risk to full-of-potential, and from breaking the cycle to healing brokenness and building up our young people.

That is why youth development is at the core of CPNYC’s model. How we achieve these outcomes is by keeping youth actively engaged, emotionally, mentally, socially, and civically from the moment they walk through the doors to the moment they graduate from high school, CPNYC, and beyond. Whether it’s by bringing out their skills as artists, mathematicians, writers, or speakers or helping them through college prep, obtaining internships, or becoming involved in activism around a social issue, we want our alumni to be activated to pursue their passions, carry out their goals, and change society.

Children of Promise, NYC found that, of program participants:

● 68% reported feeling better about themselves and their futures;● 70% of CPNYC participants exhibited positive changes in their behavior, improved their social competencies, and increased their self-regulation skills as well as reported that they were better able to resolve problems without fighting;● 80% of CPNYC participants exhibited higher levels of engagement during the school day and higher levels of motivation to complete schoolwork;● 90% of caregivers became more involved in their child’s academic progress and emotional development and improved coping mechanisms that enhances family cohesion and functionality;● 97% of caregivers gained skills to effectively cope with trauma.

Based on over a decade of experience, CPNYC believes healing is scalable. Just as the community CPNYC serves is not static, the organization has and will continue to evolve and grow its program model to meet the needs of the children and families we serve. We are here to let them know, trauma is not a life sentence. We are creating a culture of hope and resiliency. 

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