CMT 4B3 Research Foundation


CMT 4B3 Research Foundation

Mission Statement

The CMT4B3 Research Foundation’s mission is to develop a cure or treatment for Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Type 4B3 (CMT4B3). CMT4B3 is an extremely debilitating, life threatening disease that causes the deterioration of children’s nerves leading to muscle atrophy and paralysis.

CMT4B3 Research Foundation is the only organization funding research for CMT4B3. 

Why Donate to CMT 4B3 Research Foundation?

In May 2020, three year old Hunter Schultz was diagnosed with an ultra-rare genetic disorder called CMT4B3. Hunter’s Parents were devastated to learn that there are no cures or treatments for this degenerative neuromuscular disorder. The doctors told them to go home, love him and come back in a year to monitor the progression of the disease.

The disease will painfully cause Hunter’s muscles to waste away and leave his little hands and legs deformed and paralysed, he will suffer nerve pain, as well as potentially go blind.

Not willing to sit by and watch Hunter waste away, Hunter’s parents choose to fight for a cure. There are cutting edge life saving treatments in development right now for similar genetic diseases. They are determined to be the next success story.

Six months after receiving Hunter’s diagnosis, they held the first International CMT4B3 Research Symposium. Since then they have assembled a Scientific Advisory Board and a worldwide Collaborative Research Network. In less than a year the foundation has raised over $750,000 which will fund projects at: Nationwide Children’s Hospital, University of Miami, Alfred I duPont Children’s Hospital, The Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids) Toronto , UCL Queens Square London and John Hopkins. The foundation is funding eight cutting edge, expert driven research projects including, two gene therapy projects, drug repurposing projects, developing multiple disease models and a Natural History Study.

The CMT4B3 Research Foundation is composed of volunteers who work from home. Operational costs are covered by the co-founders, therefore 100% of your donation goes to CMT4B3 research and providing hope for Hunter and other childrens battling this devastating disease.

“Crypto could not only help save my son and other kids suffering from CMT4B3, but it could help usher in the revolution of treatments for many rare genetic diseases.” Hunter’s Mom/Executive Director, Iris Schultz 

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Make crypto one of the greatest forces for good on the planet when you donate to CMT 4B3 Research Foundation today!

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