Community Animal Medicine Project, Inc.

Community Animal Medicine Project, Inc.

Mission Statement

We believe that veterinary care should be affordable and accessible. We believe that no animal should be surrendered to a shelter to be euthanized because their owner can’t afford needed veterinary care. The Community Animal Medicine Project — CAMP (formerly called Spay Neuter Project of Los Angeles, SNPLA) is Southern California’s largest non-profit veterinary organization providing indispensable pet care services throughout Los Angeles’ most underserved communities.

We operate four low cost, high volume spay/neuter and community animal medicine clinics in South Los Angeles, San Pedro and Mission Hills and run a mobile clinic that travels throughout Los Angeles County bringing vet care directly to the pets and people who need it most. In our 16-year history, the CAMP veterinarian staff have performed over 290,000 spay/neuter surgeries – preventing the birth of millions of puppies and kittens into homelessness. Our community animal medicine veterinary programs reach over 70,000 pets annually. 

Why Donate to Community Animal Medicine Project, Inc.?

CAMPs vision is to ensure that veterinary services are affordable and accessible to all pet owners, creating an environment where animal shelters no longer euthanize adoptable animals. Your crypto donations directly support CAMP’s comprehensive approach to animal welfare and advocacy. Your funds make the following programs and subsequent life-saving benefits possible:

1) Provide High Volume Spay/Neuter Services to Reduce Shelter Intake and Euthanasia
Los Angeles shelters are unable to care for animals for an extended period due to overcrowding and cost, resulting in euthanasia of healthy animals. Tragically, within a one-year span, 24,459 cats and dogs were euthanized by LA area shelters (Source: LA Animal Services & LA County Animal Care and Control Data FY19). For decades, spay and neuter has been acknowledged as the single most cost effective way to decrease the number of pets entering and being euthanized within the shelter system. CAMPLA performed 21,875 spay and neuter surgeries in 2021.

2) Improve Pet Behavior to Reduce Shelter Intake
An important, yet often overlooked, benefit of spay and neuter is that it significantly reduces undesirable pet behaviors. Unspayed and unneutered pets are much more likely to exhibit undesirable behaviors (such as biting) which are a leading cause of shelter relinquishments. Intact animals constitute 40% of the pet population nationwide while 80% of the adult animals that enter shelters are not spayed or neutered. (Source: U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook by the American Veterinary Medical Association, 2019)

3) Provide Efficient, High Quality Veterinary Services
An animal’s well-being is our top priority, with our critical strategic focus to always provide exceptionally high-quality services at extremely affordable prices. To continually keep costs low for our clients, our clinics perform a high-volume of surgeries each day in strategically designed surgical centers that maximize the physical space to support our work processes for highly efficient operations. This efficiency results in the successful completion, on average, of 1,780 surgeries per month throughout our three clinics.

4) Train a Community of High Quality High Volume Community Medicine Surgeons
To meet the growing demand for accessible veterinary care, more veterinarians need to be trained in the specific skill sets of this field. We are excited to offer a unique Veterinary Training Project to introduce veterinary professionals to the principles and methods of High Quality High Volume Spay/Neuter (HQHVSN) surgical and clinical techniques. This RACE-approved program allows volunteer vets the opportunity for hands-on training in a one-on-one setting with our experienced staff, preparing them to seek out professional opportunities in HQHVSN surgery, non-profit veterinary community medicine, animal shelter medicine and animal welfare.

5) Provide Affordable Services for Low Income Pet Owners
Cost is the key barrier for pet guardians to get their pets spayed or neutered. The cost of spay/neuter surgeries offered by Los Angeles private practice veterinarians can range between $300-$800. CAMPLA charges an average of $98 per subsidized surgery, approximately 82% less than the fee a private veterinarian would charge. We do not charge additional fees for pregnant pets or those in heat at the time of spay surgery; this is often an immense relief to pet guardians during what can be a desperate predicament. The well-being of ALL animals is our priority, regardless of the economic status of their owners/guardians, therefore we provide free spay/neuter surgery for low-income individuals and accept LA City and County vouchers for reduced cost and free spay/neuter surgeries.

6) Promote Animal Wellness for all Socio-Economic Groups
Keeping the total wellness of animals as a priority, CAMP is working to ensure that no animal suffers from lack of needed medical care due to financial constraints. Spay/neuter significantly reduces health risks and prevents potentially fatal illnesses, such as pyometra, mammary, uterine, ovarian and testicular cancers. Our veterinarians treat a wide range of health problems, such as infections, allergies, and dental hygiene at highly reduced rates. Our low cost Mobile Vaccination Project offers deeply discounted vaccinations, microchips, flea prevention, parasite treatment, and nail trims. Transportation is a prominent barrier for many low-income individuals seeking to access subsidized services. To meet this need, CAMP’s low cost Mobile Vaccination Project brings preventative medicine directly into these communities and is an essential component to our mission of promoting accessible veterinary services for all. In 2021, CAMP provided accessible, affordable community medicine services to 4,376 cats and dogs, administered 71,141 vaccines, inserted 11,184 microchips, and performed 1,000s of quality of life and life saving surgeries.

7) Advocate on Behalf of Animals
The staff at our Mobile Vaccination Project are in a unique position to interact directly with pet owners out in the community and to help educate the public about the benefits of spay/neuter, as both a medical and social best practice. Many of the pets we see at our mobile clinics, have never been seen by a veterinarian before and, sadly, many need medical care for serious and at times life-threatening conditions. CAMP’s staff members help to facilitate follow-up appointments at our stationary clinics and provide information on financial aid. They also educate pet owners on the importance of providing continued health and preventive care for the lifetime of their pet.

8) Promote Improved Pet Owner Health and Well-Being
CAMP understands that pet ownership provides a wide range of medical benefits, including relieving stress, increasing physical activity, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increasing survival rates from cardiac arrest, and lowering allergy rates among children. Additionally, the companionship that a pet provides benefits the mental health of owners by promoting a feeling of well-being. Caring for an animal provides purpose and fulfillment and lessens feelings of loneliness and depression, enhancing the quality of life for all age groups. 

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