Continuum of Care


Continuum of Care

Mission Statement

Continuum of Care’s mission is to enable people who are struggling or challenged with mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and/or struggling with co-occurring substance use disorder to rebuild a meaningful life and thrive in the community.

Most of our clients have been homeless, repeatedly hospitalized, or institutionalized, and we help them obtain the treatments, housing, and support they need to move forward toward a sustainable journey of lifelong recovery in the community. 

Why Donate to Continuum of Care?

Your donation directly supports helping some of the most vulnerable and deserving individuals in society to turn their lives around.

Whether it’s a veteran who is haunted by severe PTSD or depression; a homeless person challenged with unmanaged mental illness, or perhaps a young adult with Autism who needs a supportive living environment, therapy, and help to live as fully in the community as possible. Your donation makes a difference to people like these. And your support helps Continuum to help even more individuals each year.

Continuum plays an active leadership role in the community, and has earned its reputation because of our results in helping people to turn their lives around. Here are just a few examples:

• Continuum is a recognized leader in Crisis Stabilization and management. Our Crisis Center the only free-standing licensed mental health crisis center that is not affiliated with a hospital.

• Only one other organization in the country provides community-based residential stabilization and recovery services for Veterans in crisis as an alternative to inpatient care.

• Continuum of Care is well known throughout the State for being able to manage challenging mental health and developmental disability cases and we provide individualized client-centered care in order to assure high levels of success for each person.

• Continuum runs the Transitional Access Program (TAP) which is a coordinated effort with other agencies and the City and funds homeless individuals to take them from homeless shelters to sober housing arrangements.

• Continuum’s uniquely extensive and well-reputed service offerings, reflect the highly innovative influence of Continuum’s leadership and staff alike. The growing number of partnerships with State Agencies, Yale, Veterans Affairs, CMHC, Substance Treatment Facilities, and other service organizations are also a testament of Continuum’s leadership vision, influence, and innovation.

• Continuum is highly rated and accredited by CARF. 

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