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Mission Statement

Turning Knowledge Into Wealth By Simplifying Cryptocurrency Using E-learning and 1:1 Tutoring for diverse communities. 

Why Donate to Crypto Tutors?

Donations will contribute to one of the 3 projects:

#1 Crypto Tutors is providing free Cryptocurrency education for all libraries across America. Crypto Tutors has created a free, accessible e-learning course just for library patrons and library staff. The course, Bitcoin Basics, provides an easy-to-understand overview of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Learners are taken on their journey by a friendly, diverse avatar teacher. Library patrons can also freely download and print a Crypto Picture Dictionary that was created with libraries in mind. Additionally, Crypto Tutors offers webinars just for library staff, so that they can feel more comfortable answering questions and directing patrons to trustworthy resources. The course can be linked, as desired, from a library’s resource page. To see the course, visit The course was created as a philanthropic project that supports Crypto Tutors’ dedication to bridging the wealth gap in diverse communities while making financial literacy resources available to everyone.

#2 Crypto Tutors is also the organizer of the first Crypto Diversity Conference called Crypto For The Culture. In June 2021, we attended the Bitcoin conference in Miami. 82% of the speakers were male and in terms of race there was very little diversity. When you go to the bathroom at a conference and the men’s restroom has a line out the door, while the women’s restroom is empty, you know there is a problem! We knew lots of women, men, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians active in crypto, where were they!? One virtual conference promoted its 39 male speakers while listing the one woman speaker on the bottom corner of the flier, like an afterthought. The lack of diversity was frustrating.

We started Crypto Tutors to empower diverse individuals by simplifying cryptocurrency education through one on one tutoring and e-learning. We decided we needed to do even more. So, in Oct. 2021, we created the first crypto diversity conference (virtual) called Crypto For The Culture. Crypto For The Culture provides a platform where diverse professionals in crypto could have an opportunity to speak. The first conference was a huge success! 96% of our speakers and 92% of attendees identified as having a diverse background.

If you believe in diversity, we need your help! Crypto For the Culture is coming back on Oct 5th, 2022! You can help us make this event free for everyone. When you purchase a crypto tutoring session, gift a session to a friend, or donate a session, you will help us pay for tools, educational content, marketing, press, and staff. We believe that crypto will close the economic wealth gap for diverse communities! Help us to bridge this gap by providing education and representation through Crypto For The Culture.

#3 Crypto Tutors is determined to educate low-income individuals to increase their cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge and skills to gain employment in cryptocurrency-related careers. By partnering with local governments, crypto exchanges, and other nonprofits to identify the participants together we created a 7-week program that provides a solid foundational educational foundation to increase the odds and confidence to succeed. All participants will be given a Crypto Picture Dictionary and assigned a dedicated tutor. Participants will learn an introduction to cryptocurrency, history of the monetary system, risks and security best practices, blockchain, Bitcoin, Crypto vs. bitcoin, how to set up a wallet, how to buy a satoshi, centralized vs. decentralized, utility and scarcity, Ethereum and setting up a cold storage wallet. After completing this program participants can apply to become a Crypto Tutor and we will recommend them to our corporate contacts for entry-level roles in cryptocurrency.

We need your support! Thank you! 

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