Mission Statement

The Earthlight Foundation’s purpose is to support the expansion of life and humanity beyond the Earth by creating, catalyzing and managing projects and activities that lead to public inspiration, education and action relating to space exploration and settlement and to protect and expand the domain of life and humanity on this world by returning and applying the knowledge thus gained. 


DreamScopes: put telescopes in every middle school on Earth!

Remember The First Time You Looked Through A Telescope?

Remember what it felt like to see the Rings of Saturn, the mountains of the Moon, the red world of Mars?

How it felt as a child to see with your own eyes the Universe of possibility around you, to literally rise above and beyond the circumstances of your daily life and soar?

Let’s inspire the next generation of scientists, explorers, leaders, and builders of space … together.

Join Our “Moon Shot” Goal

Let’s make it possible for every kid on Earth to look through a telescope; to see the mountains of the Moon, the ice caps of Mars, and the wonders of the Universe.

Let’s inspire a generation to reach beyond their circumstances and Dream by placing a telescope in every middle school on Earth.

Let’s spark their curiosity, launch them into STEAM subjects, and involve them in humanity’s expansion beyond Earth.

They Will Rise! – The Leaders of the Space Revolution are Out There Now

Somewhere out there on planet Earth is a young person who has never looked through a telescope. When they do, their life may well change. Maybe they will be inspired to study a bit more. Maybe they will decide they want to learn about science or astronomy, or by seeing other worlds they might become more aware of their own environment and work to help save the planet.

Maybe they will decide they want to work in space, start a space company, or perhaps, just maybe, they will want to lead some of the first people to go out there. People whose children will look through telescopes back at their MotherWorld.

The Time Is Now: A Global Technology Revolution is Underway

The global technology sector is booming and this will only increase.
Demand is growing for skilled workers, leaders crosses all sectors.
STEAM education is a core investment in the future of every locale, nation, and the planet.
A positive and inspiration-driven generation can be equipped and rise to meet these challenges.
Space is proven as The most inspiring tool to motivate young minds

Get kids hooked on Hope!

You have the chance to help us get kids hooked on Dreams of a better future, addicted to science, learning, and building their own futures.

Our Dream Dealers program allows you, your group, or your company to acquire or place DreamScopes anywhere you want.

Be it one at your old middle school, or a hundred in the city where you live or grew up, even the country you call home, EarthLight will work with you to “make it so!” Better yet, we can work with you for you to be there, and have your name on every scope you help us place!

A Choice of Tomorrows

The EarthLight Foundation believes we all have the “Right Stuff,” and that given the Right Dream any kid anywhere can begin their own journey to a great tomorrow of their own creation. They may not all end up as astronauts, or building human communities in space, but some small fraction of them just might.

Meanwhile, by giving them a chance to fly beyond the borders of their lives and see what is out there in the Universe around them at a critical age, we believe many more will choose to study, learn, and engage in acquiring STEAM skills – helpful no matter what dream they decide to pursue. 

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