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EB Research Partnership

EB Research Partnership

Mission Statement

Founded in 2010 by a dedicated group of parents and Jill and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, EB Research Partnership (EBRP) is the largest global nonprofit dedicated to funding research aimed at treating and ultimately curing Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a group of devastating and life-threatening skin disorders that affect children from birth. 

Why Donate Crypto?

EBRP utilizes an innovative venture philanthropy business model. When making a grant to a research project, we retain the added upside of generating a recurring revenue stream if the therapy or product is commercially successful, then use the return on investment to fund additional EB research. Your crypto donation has the ability to generate multiples of its original value until a cure is found. Further, the cutting-edge research funded by EBRP not only has the potential to cure EB, but provide paths to cures for the 7,000 other rare diseases that affect 10% of the global population. 

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