Fundacion Santuario Vegan


Fundacion Santuario Vegan

Mission Statement

Santuario Vegan is a rescue and defense organization for animals considered farm animals, victims of livestock exploitation, abandonment or abuse. In the Sanctuary all the inhabitants receive the necessary care so that they have a dignified life for the rest of their lives.

More tan 300 animals of all species: cows, bulls, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens and roosters, donkeys or horses have achieved a second chance in a haven of peace.

The Sanctuary was founded in 2011 by Laura Luengo and Eduardo Terrer. Both, animal rights activists, went from activism to action: Rescue the animals that have suffered exploitation.
In 2011 there was no Sanctuary specialized in Spain in farm animals. That same year, with more tan 60 lives in charge, Laura and Edu decided top ut their lives aside and dedicate them completely to helping animals. They moved to Madrid (Spain) with their big family and a misión: To build a better world.

In Santuario Vegan the animals are our family, our friends, not food.
We educate people on the effects of livestock: in animals, in health, the enviroment and sustainability.
We also promote political and legal changes that prevent suffering and foment compassion. 

Why Donate to Fundacion Santuario Vegan?

Santuario Vegan does not have any type of public aid, or subside, and is fully financed with contributions from partners and specific donations.

Our aim is to continue saving more animals and to keep the 300 animals that currently live happily in the sanctuary in the best conditions and with all the necessary attention.

Although rescues are a fundamental part of a Sanctuary, our greatest effort is dedicated to ensuring the necessary care for all inhabitants so that they can enjoy their lives regardless of their species, condition or circumstances.
The animal exploitation industry does not allow animals to reach old age, and the breeding and genetic selection they are subjected means that their old age is fraught with serious health problems that are very difficult to solve.

But in a just and egalitarian world, where opportunities for enjoyment and happiness do not depend on the species into which you are born, nor on the harm that others have caused, we have a duty to help those who need it most, and to do so throughout their lives, especially when they are most vulnerable. As we would like them to do with us.

With your support you help us to create a small world where you are our equals, and to make this small world bigger and bigger 💚 

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