GAIA Global Health


GAIA Global Health

Mission Statement

GAIA believes that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, no matter where they live or who they are. In partnership with government and local communities, we strengthen health systems by filling gaps in the healthcare grid now and increasing capacity for the long term.

We provide community-based health services and health education to
under-served populations in rural communities, while providing health
workforce development and promoting equitable deployment of frontline

Why Donate to GAIA Global Health?

What sets us apart from other global health organizations?

GAIA is truly local. Our 90-member team in Malawi is 100% Malawian and 60% female.

GAIA partners. While GAIA develops and delivers innovative programming, we never “go it alone”. Our programs always rely on the input and buy-in of the local communities, and government partnership in coordinating delivery. In the same vein, we coordinate our efforts with other community-based and international organizations to ensure complimentary programming, leveraging and enhancing each of our impacts.

The nursing ethos – treating the patient rather than the illness – infuses everything we do. With nurses in leadership positions throughout the organization, GAIA’s programs are steeped in the values and dedication of the nursing profession.

We go deep. Sustainable impact takes time, trust, and relationships. We never sprinkle projects over the broadest possible area… GAIA is trusted because we’re there for the long haul. At the age of 20, we’re just getting started.

Making a cryptocurrency donation is a quick, meaningful and tax-efficient way to help us continue providing primary healthcare to rural Malawians while we combat twin pandemics. Access to comprehensive, reliable and culturally informed healthcare is now more important than ever. 

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