Global Sanctuary for Elephants


Global Sanctuary for Elephants

Mission Statement

GSE’s mission is protecting, rescuing, and providing sanctuary for elephants worldwide. GSE was born out of the recognition that there are captive elephants around the globe in desperate need of a better life. However, there are not enough true sanctuaries to care for even a fraction of them. 

Why Donate to Global Sanctuary for Elephants?

Elephant Sanctuary Brazil (ESB) is the first and only elephant sanctuary in South America and one of only three elephant sanctuaries in the world that the Global Federation for Animal Sanctuaries accredits. Brazil was chosen as the location for GSE’s pilot project to ensure that the growing number of elephants displaced by ongoing bans on performing animals across South America would be guaranteed compassionate care in an appropriate habitat. As a relatively young organization, each donation significantly impacts the expansion of habitats and the number of elephants rescued.

Many captive elephants have suffered years of isolation, malnutrition, abuse, lack of adequate exercise, and proper medical care. This neglect can exact a harsh physical and psychological toll. The first step toward helping elephants heal is to offer them a life based on freedom of choice. Each day, the elephants at ESB choose where to go, with whom to interact, and what to do. Their lives are now their own. The relationships elephants form with one another at sanctuary allow them to rediscover what it means to be an elephant, a sentient being, rather than an attraction.

Our 2,800 acres of natural gymnasium offer the elephants a chance to stretch their minds and bodies. While nature helps bring their body back into balance, the elephants also receive expert medical care. Through protected contact management, our onsite veterinary team, with assistance from specialists around the globe, treats severe physical issues resulting from decades of inappropriate habitats and neglect. Each elephant receives individualized care, catering to their insecurities and past traumas, which creates an environment that allows them to be vulnerable and begin healing their spirits as well as their bodies. 

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