Go Conscious Earth, Inc.

Stand with us to preserve the most carbon rich, biodiverse rainforest in the world!


Go Conscious Earth, Inc.

Stand with us to preserve the most carbon rich, biodiverse rainforest in the world!

Mission Statement

Go Conscious Earth (GCE) partners with forest-dependent communities to protect the Congo Basin Rainforest, improve the livelihoods of the people, conserve endangered species, and support global climate stability.

GCE is an amazing grass roots organization founded by a Congolese man who was to slated become village chief and had a vision of protecting nature in and around his home village and region by empowering and supporting local forest-dependent people who have always been and still are the true stewards of the forest. GCE supports local people by helping them develop sustainable livelihoods and activities as they manage their own community forests and in so doing improve their lives.

Since its founding in 2012, GCE has helped conserve 1.2 million acres of forest in Équateur Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo and has installed 17 wells that serve 34,000 people. This work is incredibly important not only to the people living there but to all of us globally, because we depend on the Congo Basin rainforest (the Earth’s 2nd largest) in the face of climate change. This area is also home to the only surviving bonobos and other endangered species, including forest elephants.

GCE’s small team does a great deal with very few resources and is trusted by the people they serve in the DRC. They work in concert with a new legal framework of community forest management set forth by the DRC government and have put 202,206 acres of sacred, ancestral land back into the hands of the forest-dwelling people, in perpetuity. GCE works at the nexus of sustainable conservation and community development with local people very much at the center of the work.. Our donors are comprised of individuals in the US and abroad, as well as US-based and international NGOs and corporations. Some of our larger individual donors give via cryptocurrencies. 

Why Donate to Go Conscious Earth, Inc.?

Go Conscious Earth has accepted cryptocurrency donations since 2019 and recognizes the important role that cryptocurrencies play in financial systems, as they are a very secure medium of exchange, transactions are public, irreversible, mostly unhacked, and are controlled by the people and users. We find that crypto donors are typically philanthropically-minded and align strongly with our mission. 

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 Donation website: https://www.gcearth.org/
 Twitter: @GCEarth

Total donations include contributions from Impact Index Funds – all USD amounts are estimates based on exchange rate at time of transaction and are not reflections of the current value of any cryptocurrency at time of viewing.

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