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Good News Project, Inc

Good News Project, Inc

Mission Statement

Vision: Be the Good, for the Environment and Each Other

Mission: Fulfilling needs at home and abroad through meaningful service opportunities.. Our donors are individuals, businesses and Foundations and are primarily located in the U.S. 

Why Donate Crypto?

Our organization is unique because our approach is to provide program services using a large amount of volunteer assistance, which has multiple impacts of engaging people, prolonging a safe livable environment, and supporting the needs of those less fortunate.

Unlike how most nonprofit organizations are built, our e-CYCLING Program is an internal fundraiser designed to support our Health Equipment Lending Program (HELP). Without revenue from e-CYCLING, we would not be able to cover the costs related to the HELP Program, which does not require monetary donations to borrow equipment when individuals are unable to give. Good News Project is also unique as an environmental organization because we are a sustainability advocate in the community, providing educational information to area community groups, businesses, schools, and the general public on a weekly basis. 

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