Haiti Health Promise / CRUDEM Fnd


Haiti Health Promise / CRUDEM Fnd

Mission Statement

For over 60 years, our sole focus is providing the northern region of Haiti with quality healthcare, the opportunity for a stable community life, and avenues for economic growth. Our centerpiece project is the 200-bed Hôpital Sacré Coeur, the largest non-government hospital and public health provider for the 250,000 people living in the Milot region of Northern Haiti and the official government reference hospital that serves the 3.4 million plus population of the Northern districts of Haiti.
Hôpital Sacré Coeur has engaged in more than 5 million patient interactions in the last ten years alone, including hospital admissions, surgical procedures, outpatient clinics, diagnostic tests, laboratory tests, and prescription medicines. Preventative healthcare outreach efforts include pre-natal, vaccine, HIV-Aids, pediatric diabetes and other onsite medical assistance, education, and screening.
With a staff of over 350 Haitians, Hôpital Sacré Coeur is the region’s major employer and economic driver. 

Why Donate to Haiti Health Promise / CRUDEM Fnd?

100% of your donation goes directly to patient care and community programs, thanks to the generosity of medical center, Holy Name of Teaneck, New Jersey, who picks up all administrative and fundraising expenses. We witness the significant impact of donations daily. It is no exaggeration to say that countless lives have been saved and made better because compassionate people like you care.
Established in 1968, this medical and economic development project was originally supported by the grassroots efforts of The CRUDEM Foundation, Inc. of St Louis. In 2012, Holy Name took the project under its medical wing and subsequently renamed it Haiti Health Promise of Holy Name. Holy Name provides extensive medical, technical, financial, volunteer, and administrative support.
Life enhancing projects include access to free education and homes. A Feed Haiti packathon program ships more than 500,000 nutritious meals annually to the hospital for community distribution to thwart malnutrition and food insecurity. 

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