Hope Unlimited for Children Inc.


Hope Unlimited for Children Inc.

Mission Statement

Transforming the lives of children at risk, providing them and their future generations productive futures and Eternal hope.

The problem is millions of homeless children on Brazil’s city streets – a killing field where a nation’s youth survive as commodities for drugs, sex, and violent crime. In the late ’80s, when Philip Smith and his father, Jack, first heard about the plight of Brazil’s street children, off-duty police were becoming after-dark death squads, systematically exterminating thousands of the “public nuisances” for local business owners. Fortunately, the government was able get a handle on the situation. But for a child on the streets, the children’s life expectancy still amounts to three to five years.

An estimated 7 to 8 million Brazilian children are on the streets – living, breathing refuse of desperately poor homes, where parents have turned to drugs, alcohol, and crime. And this is the world of Hope Unlimited – organized in 1991 to reclaim and parent the lost children of Brazil.

Over the past 32 years, reaching deeply into one life at a time, Hope Unlimited has directly touched the lives of over 27,000 children – including their next generations. Operating in Campinas, São Paulo (the City of Youth), founded in 1991 and, in Vitoria, Espírito Santo (Hope Mountain) founded in 1999. Each location has a residential programs for homeless youth as well as certified job training in a dozen different marketable skills. Over 600 kids are also bussed in everyday from the surrounding slums to participate in our Vocational Training program. When Hope succeeds, the cycle is broken: a child grows up to become a productive and contributing member of society. Even more importantly, they have become loving and Godly parents. Fully 92% of the boys and girls who completed the residential program at Hope Unlimited are employed today. 

Why Donate to Hope Unlimited for Children Inc.?

“Attempt something so great for God that it is doomed to failure unless God be in it.”
– Jack Smith, Co-Founder

You can provide a home, family, and future for a child of the streets. Change a life today, and the impact will last for generations to come. 

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 Donation website: https://hopeunlimited.org/
 Twitter: @hopeinbrazil

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