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Humanity Rises

Mission Statement

Humanity Rises is a refugee humanitarian aid organization focused on the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh. Our mission is to alleviate genocide-induced Rohingya suffering through medical care and mental health services. The Humanity Rises Medical Clinic has provided critical health services, testing and medication to about 200,000 Rohingya refugees – half of whom are children — for diseases, illnesses and injuries ranging from third-degree burns, bullet wounds, Covid-19, rape-induced pregnancies, contusions, Diphtheria, Cholera, severe dehydration, chest infections, eye infections and beyond at an average cost of under $5.00 per patient. The Humanity Rises Rehma Child Life Center (HRRCLC) provides education-based pediatric mental health services to Rohingya children who’ve experienced deep genocide-based trauma and is the only learning center in the 6,000-acre Rohingya refugee camp solving for both pediatric mental health and formal education needs in a single solution by having full-time onsite psychologists in the classroom working side-by-side with the teachers. 

Why Donate to Humanity Rises?

Kel Kelly, our Founder & President, brings a fresh entrepreneurial perspective to refugee humanitarian response by consistently challenging the non-profit status quo and creating disruptive, fearless humanitarian services that are uncompromising when it comes to meeting the needs of the Rohingya refugee population – just like cryptocurrency’s disruptive and uncompromising approach to challenging fiat. Our fundamental belief is during the world’s darkest moments, light always shines through when humanity rises to help those affected by tragedy, and in helping to lift others, we lift ourselves. Please be the light through the darkness for the Rohingya and consider a crypto donation to our organization. Kel doesn’t draw any money to do this work and 100% of your donation will go directly into alleviating the genocide-induced suffering the Rohingya are experiencing. 

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