Huru International


Huru International

Mission Statement

Huru International’s mission is to provide at-risk girls in Africa with reusable menstrual pads combined with sexual and reproductive health and life skills workshops so that they can stay in school and remain healthy. 

Why Donate to Huru International?

Huru International provides vulnerable girls and young women in Africa with the means to manage their periods by producing and distributing kits containing reusable menstrual pads and other necessary health and hygiene resources. Huru’s aim is to reduce rates of menstruation-related absenteeism and drop-out among girls, who routinely miss as much as a full month of school each year because they cannot afford to buy menstrual pads during their periods. Providing these reusable menstrual kits widens access to the resources and knowledge young girls need to develop healthy, sustainable and economically secure futures.

Each Huru Kit comes packaged in a drawstring backpack and includes six reusable menstrual pads, three pairs of underwear, a bar of washing soap, two resealable waterproof bags (for safe storage of soiled pads), instructions on how to use Huru Pads, and educational materials.

Huru International has provided over 202,000 Huru Kits to girls and women from Kenya and Tanzania, helping to reduce period-related school absences by up to 87% in some communities. Huru Pads are sustainably sourced and ethically made by local men and women in Nairobi, Kenya. 

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