Imprint Fund

Your crypto gift will support underfunded nonprofit programs and influential social change efforts.


Imprint Fund

Your crypto gift will support underfunded nonprofit programs and influential social change efforts.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to support underfunded high-quality community impact initiatives in education, culture, health, family, and economic mobility. We work with unsung heroes and influencers who are intentional about transforming systemic conditions to create generational change for the new economy. While you can donate your crypto to provide general support our effort, you can also choose to select one of the following social impact initiatives from our portfolio:

New Freedom Theatre: Cultural arts is crucial to preserving the voice and legacy of communities, and this effort aims to restore a historic African-American performing arts theatre in Philadelphia. Plays stream online and are performed in-person. Performances are written and produced by Karl “Dice Raw” Jenkins of the “Legendary ROOTS crew” who also serves as Chairman of the theatre. The current production, “Forgotten Founding Fathers,” highlights the incredible contributions of black historic heroes in the founding of America. (

Paragon Academy: An effort to turn the successful Paragon Project, a music and education after school program into a pioneering fine arts and entrepreneurship private high school primarily serving families of color. Paragon serves students who come from extreme family dynamics (mental trauma, addiction, homelessness) who make positive social change music. The students have made 4 albums and 80% have been accepted into college. The program was founded by Dr. Michael Anthony Anderson based upon his doctoral work at the University of Delaware and other sustainable enrichment models he developed in Florida, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Sheffield, England (

For My Kidz: An underestimated inner city program capable of offering upwards 10,000+ community members mental health (therapy referral), academic enrichment, emergency service (housing for homeless), and workforce development programs. Founded by Jerel Wilson, a Baltimore native and local citizen-hero who has dedicated 15+ years of his life building trust in the heart of some of the most challenging communities in Baltimore, MD (

XS Tennis Village: A sport for social good approach leveraging tennis and education to provide 3000+ underserved youth with a safe and positive pathway to college through a community-based academic enrichment program. Founded by elite tennis coach Kamau Murray (best known for coaching Sloan Stephens to US Open title in 2017), XS Village is likely the only black founded replicable tennis academy in the world, located on 30-acres in the heart of South Side of Chicago ( 

Why Donate to Imprint Fund?

We manage a portfolio of community impact initiatives using a venture philanthropy approach to conduct due diligence and measure social impact. We believe in building digital communities in collaboration with our portfolio groups and crypto donations are a crucial part of managing our authentic giving platform to support both local unsung heroes in communities as well as influencers with momentum and capability to drive movements of social change. 

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