Mission Statement

Intersos is an international humanitarian organisation, founded in Italy in 1992, which operates on the front-line in contexts of war, violence, extreme poverty, natural or man-made disasters. Over the past 30 years, Intersos’ workers have been bringing aid to populations affected by humanitarian crises, with a particular focus on protecting the most vulnerable people, providing medical care, distributing basic necessities and offering emergency shelter. 

Why Donate to Intersos?

“I am human, and nothing of that which is human is alien to me” is the key principle underpinning all Intersos’ values and interventions. It underlines the importance of the human being: the principles of equality, justice, peace, solidarity and the duty of every human being to help all those in need or distress, without influence of any kind.

Donors’ contributions allow Intersos to plan ahead to react promptly to emergencies, in order to reach the most vulnerable people in critical humanitarian crises, both in Italy and worldwide.

INTERSOS strongly believes in the values of neutrality, independence, solidarity and impartiality.

Your gift will support INTERSOS’ interventions in the following areas:

We are engaged in the physical and psychosocial protection of the most vulnerable people affected by humanitarian emergencies, with specific attention to children and women survivors of violence.

We guarantee access to vital, primary and secondary medical services in emergency situations. We treat malnutrition and support the local healthcare system.

We help cover primary needs through the distribution of food, seeds and agricultural tools for food production and subsistence.

In the event of natural disasters or acute phases of conflict, we intervene as soon as possible by distributing essential goods and providing shelter.

We intervene to ensure clean water and build latrines in order to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people. We train to their correct use through hygiene promotion campaigns.

We promote the right to education by building or rebuilding schools, training teachers and promoting educational activities in humanitarian crises.

To explore the full list of countries of intervention and learn about our projects in detail please visit our website.

Your gift is more than a good action: it will make a difference in the lives of many people. 

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