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Founded in 2002, La Scuola International School – the only Reggio Emilia inspired, International Baccalaureate (IB) and Italian language immersion school in the world – is serving the Bay Area with two San Francisco campuses (Preschool – Grade 8), and one new campus in Silicon Valley (Preschool – Grade 1) Inquiry within the International Baccalaureate Curriculum The International Baccalaureate program began as an academically challenging program for high school students and has evolved into a curriculum framework used by over 5,000 schools worldwide in PreK-12 that encourages critical and creative thinking, expression of knowledge in various modalities, global perspective, and foreign language acquisition. IB students are known for having a growth mindset, developing strong cognitive skills, high executive function, and are generally psyched to learn new things and solve problems. Reggio Emilia Approach – From Preschool to Age 99 The Reggio approach nurtures collaboration, inquiry, experiential learning, and a Hundred Languages® to express themselves. We believe this approach is valid throughout a student’s educational journey. The Art, Music, Garden, Design, and Tinkering Ateliers are places where theories are put to the test and students create a better understanding of the world around them. Language Immersion Your child does not need to speak Italian! We aim for our students to be bilingual (though many are multilingual). By learning English and Italian simultaneously, they develop better attention, decision making, and planning
skills than monolingual students. Italian especially benefits students with a strong foundation in Latin word roots and imparts an increased appreciation for art, music, food, and history. Speaking another language
develops a child’s empathy and connectivity to the world. The school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education as a Scuola Paritaria. 

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