Louis August Jonas Foundation / Camp Rising Sun


Louis August Jonas Foundation / Camp Rising Sun

Mission Statement

For 90 years, LAJF has been committed to helping young people grow intellectually, ethically, and globally. We do this by operating our Rising Sun programs. Camp Rising Sun is our full-scholarship, summer leadership program for teenagers from more than 30 different countries and 10 U.S. states. Each summer, 60 young men and 60 young women practice leadership skills in a supportive community of peers and counselors.

The mission of the Louis August Jonas Foundation is to develop in promising young people from around the world a lifelong commitment to compassionate and responsible leadership for the betterment of their communities and the world.

We seek to:

Foster an appreciation of both diversity and our common humanity

Expand intellectual horizons and heighten artistic sensibilities

Develop leadership abilities and self-reliance in a safe environment

Offer and demonstrate a philosophy of living to serve society through the pursuit of humanitarian goals 

Why Donate to Louis August Jonas Foundation / Camp Rising Sun?

As a supporter of LAJF you believe that compassionate leadership gives us the power to create a more connected, ethical, and peaceful world for all.

And with your support, this vision for the world becomes possible through programs like Camp Rising Sun.

At Camp Rising Sun, youth from across the world have an opportunity to develop compassionate leadership values, build friendships across cultures, and expand their intellectual horizons and worldviews. The experience at Camp radically changes the trajectories of our campers’ lives and inspires them to step into positions of leadership when they return home, adding value to their communities.

By contributing to our work, you are already a part of bringing about change in our society through our campers. 

Learn More

 Donation website: https://www.lajf.org/
 Twitter: @CRS_LAJF

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Make crypto one of the greatest forces for good on the planet when you donate to Louis August Jonas Foundation / Camp Rising Sun today!

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