Mission Statement

Founded in 2002, Love146 journeys alongside children impacted by trafficking today and prevents the trafficking of children tomorrow. We connect the dots to understand how vulnerability operates in the lives of children, and intervene both to care for survivors who have been harmed and ultimately to prevent harm from happening in the first place. Our work is achieved through the power of relationships and collaboration, listening to those with lived experience and diverse backgrounds, scaling proven practices, and challenging the systems that leave children vulnerable. Our prevention and survivor care work has impacted more than 65,000 young people. Our core commitment is to do what is best for children. 

Why Donate to Love146?

Your donation will provide a child recovering from trafficking with holistic care, journeying alongside them for as long as it takes. Your donation will meet a young person’s practical needs of food, healthcare, and education as they heal from trafficking. Your donation will support a survivor to access and succeed in higher education and employment. Your donation will help a victim to seek justice against their traffickers.

Your donation will prevent trafficking by helping a child understand vulnerability, spot the signs of trafficking, identify healthy support systems, and learn skills they need to stay safe. Your donation will respond to a child who may be in danger by going to meet with them, listen to them, give them resources, and help them understand if they’ve been victimized.

Your donation will equip a professional with an up-to-date and research-based child trafficking prevention curriculum, bringing it to youth in schools, juvenile justice and child welfare agencies, and other community settings.

Funding will support Love146’s three specific areas: 1) survivor care services for children affected by trafficking; 2) prevention education services to equip youth in reducing their risks for victimization; and 3) strategic collaboration with parents, professionals, and community members to protect children. 

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