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Maryland Nonprofits

Mission Statement

Maryland Nonprofits’ mission is to strengthen organizations and networks for greater quality of life and equity. 

Why Donate to Maryland Nonprofits?

Maryland Nonprofits is a member organization with 1,400 diverse nonprofits working together to advance greater quality of life and equity for Marylanders.

We know that nonprofits serve a necessary role in creating a thriving society and responding to crises. We believe that we can revolutionize the nonprofit sector to generate an even larger impact.

However, there’s a problem. Nonprofits face cumbersome obstacles and regulations and are typically only funded for a single year, making it difficult for them to focus on their missions. As uncovered in our COVID-19 & Racial Equity research, funding is concentrated in a few, typically white-led, organizations. This limits the ability of local nonprofits to lead from within the community and provide living wages and benefits.

Maryland Nonprofits works to support local nonprofits, align advocacy efforts, offer capacity-building services and collaborate to advance common causes. Your donation can help the nonprofits that provide much-needed services in every community across the state.

Right now, 92% of all resources in Maryland’s nonprofit sector go to the largest 900 organizations, while there are 30,000 charities statewide that need support.

To change this trend, we seek your support. Your gift will support the vast majority of nonprofits that are small, volunteer-led and community-supported. We hope you will join our mission to help nonprofits that are building stronger communities across Maryland!

Your cryptocurrency donation ensures that Maryland Nonprofits can continue our important work of strengthening organizations and amplifying the sector’s voice on behalf of the people and causes nonprofits serve.

The Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations is a 501 (c)(3) organization – donations to which are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. A copy of our current financial statement is available upon request by calling our office. Documents submitted to the State of Maryland under the Maryland Charitable Solicitations Act are available from the Secretary of State, State House, Annapolis, MD 21401 for the cost of copying and mailing. The entire amount of your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Maryland Nonprofits verifies that you did not receive anything of value in exchange for your donation. This solicitation is intended for residents of Maryland, DC and Delaware. 

Total donations include contributions from Impact Index Funds – all USD amounts are estimates based on exchange rate at time of transaction and are not reflections of the current value of any cryptocurrency at time of viewing.

Make crypto one of the greatest forces for good on the planet when you donate to Maryland Nonprofits today!

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