North Texas Public Broadcasting (KERA)

North Texas depends on KERA for news, science/arts programs, music, events and children’s programs.


North Texas Public Broadcasting (KERA)

North Texas depends on KERA for news, science/arts programs, music, events and children’s programs.

Mission Statement

KERA is a community-supported media organization that delivers distinctive, relevant and essential content to North Texans. Through programming that reflects the spirit and diversity of our region, we provide an invaluable alternative to commercial media. The mission of North Texas Public Broadcasting is to serve North Texans through public television, radio and multimedia resources that educate, engage, inspire, inform and entertain. KERA serves the fourth-largest population area in the country. Each week, more than 2.6 million people connect with KERA through our television and radio broadcast channels, websites, social media and mobile apps.. North Texas Public Broadcasting, KERA’s parent organization, is a not-for profit 501(c)(3) educational organization that, from its earliest days, has largely been funded through the generous financial support from individuals and foundations. Gifts of all sizes help to ensure that KERA remains a relevant, vital and celebrated community resource for all North Texans. KERA serves this community through six public broadcasting stations — KERA TV, KERA News 90.1 FM, KXT 91.7 FM, WRR 101.1 FM, KERA Create, KERA World, and KERA Kids 24/7. Your commitment to high-quality public media ensures educational and cultural programs that strengthen our community and improve lives. 

Why Donate to North Texas Public Broadcasting (KERA)?

Crypto donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. You may be eligible to significantly reduce what you would otherwise owe in capital gains taxes by making a charitable gift. To learn more about how donating crypto directly to charity increases the size of your donation, visit and speak with a crypto-savvy tax professional. Your donation to North Texas Public Broadcasting is a gift to the entire metroplex! 92% of our funding comes directly from our community – people like you who depend on KERA for trustworthy news, incredible science and arts programming, British telly, thoughtful podcasts, amazing music, community events and the best children’s programming available. Thank you for supporting KERA! 

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