Mission Statement

We are creating a world where missions and movements are successful through the skillful and equitable use of technology.

We build transformative power by connecting people who are putting technology to work for social change. We amplify their individual and collective capacity for doing good by offering expert trainings, researching effective approaches, and providing places where relationships can flourish. We relentlessly advocate for the redesign of the systems and structures that maintain inequity. 

Why Donate to NTEN?

Information, tutorials, even credentials for using various software is easy to find online today. But for many years, NTEN’s research has found that folks working in nonprofits say that what they need is training and support using those tools for their bigger goals. Unfortunately, that’s not something widely available. This is where NTEN comes in.

For over 20 years, our transformative programs have enabled staff working in all kinds of nonprofits, regardless of their technical background or job title, to build skills in budgeting, planning, and designing strategies for technology across an organization. Whether it’s collecting and managing data from community members to online service delivery or creating equitable technology policies to evaluating an organization’s impact, NTEN’s programs fill a knowledge gap in the nonprofit sector.

Whether you are a long-time investor in technology for nonprofits or new to supporting change-making in this way, your donation to NTEN means it is scaled for impact.

$60,000 covers a full six-month cohort of 20 organizations receiving training, coaching, and technical project support.

$20,000 supports a Digital Inclusion Fellow for a full year building and expanding digital literacy programs in communities impacted by digital divides.

And every dollar you invest goes into our mission, ensuring our programs are as diverse and accessible as possible to meet the needs of change-makers all over the world. 

Learn More

 Twitter: @NTENorg

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Make crypto one of the greatest forces for good on the planet when you donate to NTEN today!

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