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Mission Statement

The first and only organization of our kind helping people better their lives by fostering and growing cannabis careers. 

Why Donate to Our Cannabis?

Your crypto donation to Our Cannabis grows opportunities for everyone in the cannabis field. By 2025 there will be 1 million people working in Cannabis.

Here’s the story of what that means;It’s a complex story filled with many problems. I mean we’re talking about Cannabis. Nothing is easy or simple. (I wish it was!) Don’t worry though, there’s hope and a happy ending for some.

But that’s the real problem of this story. We want happy endings for everyone, not just some.

What the Cannabis opportunity is.

In this field, there are more career and growth opportunities than any other industry. We see a 30% increase in new jobs gained year over year. Inspite of some of the problems which I’ll describe a little later.

What are cannabis jobs?

Well…they aren’t just dead end entry-level jobs that crush peoples souls.

Image for a moment the vast skills, knowledge, and mindsets required to make and entire industry.

Cannabis is sorta like crypto in that way, except there are much more points of entry for regular people to get into the cannabis field than for example a tech company.

Key difference

That last part in the paragraph above is the crucial key difference between cannabis and all other fields. For a few BIG REASONS.

1. People don’t need a degree or experience to join the ranks of the cannabis workforce. Sure they help, but it’s not required.

2. It doesn’t matter what walk, talk, color, creed, background, education level, or experience people have. Everyone is wanted and welcome in cannabis because the growth is that high.

3. Unprecedented upward mobility. People rise through the ranks so unbelievably fast. Careers grow faster than weeds, really.

Here’s an antidote, for the past several months the number one job vacancy in cannabis has been HR manages and recruiters. Companies are growing so fast that the hiring teams they have can’t keep up.

4. Valued added on day one. The day someone starts working in cannabis “their stock” goes through the roof! Competing companies will try to steal employees away. What this means is individuals have more power and choices. Which are things people like us value.

Fun fact: Companies have begun adding benefits to keep employees. Because working cannabis employees have a world of options open to them;and they know it.

5. I can list more, and talk for days which, I do on Our Cannabis Podcast, about the good and positive things that come from working in cannabis.

For now the last thing, I will say is that the cannabis field is a place where the entrepreneurs of tomorrow take root, grow, and thrive. Which is awesome thing to be a part of, would you consider supporting Our Cannabis?

I’m Bullish on Cannabis but the are some HUGE (solvable) PROBLEMS

I’m going to be brief, because all of these problems have and will be spoken about at length. So here is the 30,000 foot view.

Before we begin I’m curious. I can point to one job that transformed my life.

Have you had that happen in your life?

Would you like for people in your community to have that same chance? Your coins make that happen.

Your crypto donation will make that transformative moment possible for others because of your generosity. Your gift solves the upcoming problems by making sure no cost programs are always available to all cannabis job seekers.

1. Job readiness doesn’t come from schools.

Job readiness isn’t widely taught in High School College or Universities. Were you taught how to write a resume? Or given training on job interviewing tactics or trained to negotiate for better pay, perks, or roles. I bet not, and that’s the cast for most people.

Why that’s a problem?

Because those who have been trained, whether or not they are “a good fit” or are “best for the job”, will beat the untrained almost every time, unless they are lucky.

2. Fed Daddy says No!

The Federal Government won’t allow any Federal funds to be used for what they call an “illegal enterprise” (But they collet taxes on it, wtf). As a matter of fact, any agencies including the State and Schools risk losing Federal funding for helping cannabis job seekers.

Why that’s a problem?

Millions of people come to these agencies for help and are turned away. Which means the job seekers are further disadvantaged. This in the definition of being “put out”.

3 OMG there’s a 3rd thing. Snakes in the grass!

Inept professions, who have never been in the cannabis field, are advising and charging job seekers money for professional help that they aren’t qualified to give.

Why that’s a problem?
Paying for results is fine, when results prove out. We have seen dozens of people who have paid $350-$500 to “pros” for resumes that aren’t worth the paper there printed on. The job seeker is out of pocket and no closer to getting a job.

We despise this! Which is why our core mission is providing FREE programs for job seekers. Donors like you make this possible.

4. Well…here’s the 4th thing. Competition has heated up.

Because cannabis jobs are so sought after, hundreds of resumes are sent in to each job positing. If someone has a poorly made resume, which most everyone does, then that person has a snowball’s chance in Miami of getting a job. (meaning it’s not happening)

Why that’s a problem?

It won’t matter how awesome that person would be at the role. They WILL NOT be considered.

Take a listen to our podcast to hear real stories like, Dayne who had that very thing happen to him. That’s until he found Our Cannabis 🙂

Enough problems how about solutions

Sometimes people get lucky. I mean if I swing a baseball bat long enough, sure I’ll hit the ball.

But work is too transformative and powerful to leave to luck. I mean luck helps, but learning how to swing a baseball bat will help much more!

That’s what Our Cannabis is offering. Free training, so people have control over their lives and can choose when and where to knock it out of the park instead of leaving it up to luck.

I’m going to level with you

Look, I can type out pages after page about the impact and transformations Our Cannabis donors are having.

Instead come see for yourself.

I invite you to sit in on one of our classes, take a listen to Our Cannabis Podcast, read the testimonials, watch our YouTube, or reach out to me, [email protected]

We would love the support from fellow crypto believers. Your gift puts you in a unique group of people. Be among the first crypto donors to the first cannabis nonprofits to ever accept crypto! (Maybe thank you, NFTS come later?)

You will learn that Our Cannabis is beyond first movers. We are a group of visionary problem solvers transforming peoples lives through work. Be a part of Our Cannabis.

Thanks for reading this mega long text.You rock for considering giving crypto for Our Cannabis.


Mr. Matt Hoffmann
Co Fonder & Chairman
Our Cannabis


If you or someone you know, wants help please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. ourcannabis.org 

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