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Outright International

Mission Statement

Outright International fights for human rights and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people everywhere and to eliminate the systemic violence, persecution and discrimination LGBTIQ people face around the world. Outright conducts vital and original research, advocates with governments at the United Nations and beyond, and supports grassroots LGBTIQ activists and organizations in dozens of countries each year. 

Why Donate to Outright International?

The journey for full LGBTIQ equality has far to go in every country, but there are huge geographic disparities. In 68 countries homosexuality is still criminalized and in some is even punishable by death. Only five countries ban abusive “conversion therapy” practices and in 30 countries, there is not a single LGBTIQ organization. Still, in the last decade, legal and social progress for LGBTIQ people has greatly accelerated around the world. Today, even in the toughest places, we have more opportunities than ever to advance LGBTIQ rights.

Outright is unique and effective because we have a 32 year track record of experience and an understanding of what catalyzes systemic change. Our staff in 12 countries have the relationships and reach to understand different contexts, sound the alarm when an emergency arises, and connect grassroots advocates with powerful leaders and institutions. Outright is the only US-based LGBTIQ organization to be officially recognized by the United Nations (UN) and is secretariat of the UN LGBTI Core Group. Outright fights for LGBTIQ rights with a fierce feminist lens and prioritizes the needs of the most marginalized and vulnerable within the LGBTIQ community. Finally, Outright responds to help queer and trans people in times of crisis – launching the first and largest COVID Emergency Fund, which has distributed $3.8M to 350+ groups in 108 countries, and the LGBTIQ Ukraine Emergency Fund, which has distributed $1.6M to 39 groups in Ukraine and surrounding countries.

Many LGBTIQ people are crypto users and crypto philanthropy is vital to help grassroots LGBTIQ communities. Your donation can help us ensure full equality for all LGBTIQ people everywhere – it is going to take all of us to achieve this vision 

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