Mission Statement

To train and mobilize a U.S. election Fairness Force to ensure all voters can vote and that our votes are counted accurately.

A nation where all voters and our votes are universally cherished as essential to ensuring that those elected to public office truly represent the honorable values and priorities of the people. 

Why Donate to Scrutineers?

Scrutineers is a progressive, nonpartisan election protection organization focusing on what happens after votes are cast.

Today, those of us who cherish democracy must actively engage in our elections beyond simply voting. We can overcome the outdated culture of passivity and build trust in our elections by working to verify election accuracy.

Votes in the US are tallied by vulnerable software-based systems. The election results they produce must be double-checked. Stronger audit laws are needed. Meanwhile, public oversight can provide some protection. However, few people know how to participate or that it’s even possible!

We are a progressive, nonpartisan organization teaching individuals and groups how to participate in verifying vote counts. Our methods don’t disrupt the work of election staff. We strive to support and strengthen the fair administration of elections. The results of our work can provide defense against false accusations of fraud, detect unseen errors, and can even provide evidence of election crimes. By safeguarding vote counts, our projects complement voter registration and get-out-the vote efforts. Together, we can and must protect the freedom to vote.

Scrutineers’ home is an interactive online community. We keep costs down by operating virtually and building networks of volunteers. The majority of our funding comes from individual donations from people who believe elections should be transparent so every voice is heard.

Your donation of crypto, stock, or DAFs is absolutely critical for the continuation and expansion of our work. Our elections deserve public trust. You, too, can become part of the solution by volunteering or donating to Scrutineers today. 

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 Twitter: @ScrutineersUS

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Make crypto one of the greatest forces for good on the planet when you donate to Scrutineers today!

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