Sea Turtle Conservancy


Sea Turtle Conservancy

Mission Statement

Sea Turtle Conservancy is the oldest sea turtle research and conservation organization in the world. Founded in 1959 by renowned sea turtle biologist Dr. Archie Carr, STC’s mission is to study and protect sea turtles and associated marine and coastal habitats worldwide, with an emphasis on the Southeast United States, Atlantic and Wider Caribbean. To achieve its mission, STC uses research, habitat protection, public education, biologist training, community outreach, networking and advocacy as its basic tools. The group conducts ongoing programs in Florida, Costa Rica, Panama, Bermuda, Cuba and the Eastern Caribbean. 

Why Donate to Sea Turtle Conservancy?

Donations to the Sea Turtle Conservancy will support the longest-continuous and most successful sea turtle research and conservation programs in the world. STC’s work is divided into three primary areas:

(1) RESEARCH AND CONSERVATION at critical sea turtle nesting beaches and in-water sites. STC’s 60-year-long program at Tortuguero, Costa Rica, is the most successful sea turtle research and recovery project in the world. A similar initiative at Chiriquí Beach, Panama, is utilizing lessons learned at Tortuguero to monitor and protect some of the world’s most important nesting colonies of leatherback and hawksbill turtles. The organization conducts in-water research focused on juvenile turtle populations in Bermuda and Florida. STC is also a leader in the use of satellite telemetry to study sea turtle migrations, which helps focus our conservation efforts.

(2) PUBLIC EDUCATION INITIATIVES that raise global awareness about sea turtles. STC uses a diversity of print and electronic educational programs and materials to reach broad audiences with accurate, engaging information about sea turtles, threats to their survival and steps everyone can take to help them survive. STC’s Tour de Turtles ( online education program is reaching hundreds of thousands of people around the world through a fun, interactive way based on the satellite-tracked migrations of sea turtles. STC also operates the Barrier Island Center, a beachfront education center located within the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge (Melbourne Beach, FL)—the most important nesting beach in North America.

(3) ADVOCACY aimed at improving the survival outlook for sea turtles. STC’s policy work includes active involvement in the myriad coastal and marine management policies impacting sea turtles and the habitats upon which they rely. Special focus is given to reducing bycatch of sea turtles in commercial fisheries;mitigating for the impacts of the Gulf oil spill;protecting critical nesting habitat in Florida;reducing and mitigating the impacts of climate change;and working with governments in developing countries to replace the consumptive use of sea turtles with alternative livelihoods such as ecotourism. 

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