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Serving Seniors

Serving Seniors

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help seniors in poverty live healthy and fulfilling lives. Founded in 1970, Serving Seniors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in San Diego, California, dedicated to serving low-income adults aged 60 and over. A leader in senior advocacy and programming, Serving Seniors has created an innovative model of comprehensive services including nutrition meals, housing, health and social services and enrichment activities to hundreds of seniors in need. It is the largest provider of meals to seniors in San Diego County, and one of the only organizations in the nation providing a robust range of services to vulnerable, at-risk older adults. 

Why Donate to Serving Seniors?

Caught between rising rents and fixed incomes, San Diego’s low-income seniors are falling deeper into poverty. According to the Elder Index, developed by UCLA’s Center for Health Policy Research, 37% of San Diego seniors do not have enough income to pay for housing, food, health care, and transportation. These realities, combined with San Diego’s ongoing housing crisis, are making it more difficult for impoverished seniors to live healthy, independent lives. In the past two years, COVID exacerbated these challenges. Alone and scared, low-income seniors suddenly found themselves homebound, hungry, and isolated. For most, the crisis has meant limited human interaction and a myriad of neglected physical and mental health needs. If we do not act now, thousands of low-income seniors will end up impoverished. Seniors struggling with food insecurity, health issues, and homelessness use more public services, visit the emergency room more often, and are less likely to contribute to the local economy. Your philanthropic gift of cryptocurrency to Serving Seniors will keep older adults at risk receive robust, wraparound services in the areas of nutrition, housing, health and social services and help our poorest elderly neighbors to age with dignity and thrive. 

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