Mission Statement

SolarBuddy is an impact organization uniting a global community to illuminate the futures of all children. One of the biggest obstacles we face is extreme energy poverty. It is a complex challenge, impacting the health and well-being, educational outcomes, and economic stability of the communities experiencing it, as well as our environment. But we are motivated by big challenges and will never stop creating new ways to fight this one.

We focus on education, sustainable innovation, connected communities and the impact we can make by working towards achieving our two goals. Firstly, to gift millions of solar systems to children living in extreme energy poverty, while simultaneously, educating and inspiring millions of people to be agents of change to end extreme energy poverty by 2030.

We see a brighter future for all children, and by learning, creating and coming together, we will light the way there. 

Why Donate to SolarBuddy?

Consider this for a moment…Would you have achieved all you have, if you did not have access to light?

Imagine night falls and you are plunged into complete darkness. This is daily reality for the 1 in 10 people worldwide who live in extreme energy poverty that is, they live with no access to clean, safe, reliable electricity.
Extreme energy poverty is a global humanitarian and environmental crisis which is largely invisible to those in the developed world. Extreme energy poverty is known as the worst form of poverty because for 800 million people it perpetuates nearly all other forms of poverty. This compounds to catastrophic impact on the natural world, the air we breathe and the climate we live in.

There is a solution! You can be the catalyst to grassroots, long-lasting, transformational change for both the most marginalized communities in the world and the planet. How? By giving the gift of light!

Living without access to electricity means children are unable to study after sunset which devastatingly limits their education and traps them into an intergenerational cycle of poverty. They breathe in toxic energy sources like charcoal, firewood, and kerosene so the essential act for living, is killing them. We believe this is simply not acceptable and aim to transform the lives of people for whom social injustice, economic injustice and just simply staying alive is dominated by the lack of access to modern clean energy.

You can make this possible. You can fix this. 

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