St. Labre Indian School


St. Labre Indian School

Mission Statement

To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Catholic Tradition by providing quality education which celebrates our Catholic faith and embraces Native American cultures, primarily the Northern Cheyenne and Crow Tribes, so that Native American individuals and communities of Southeastern Montana are empowered to attain self-sufficiency. 

Why Donate to St. Labre Indian School?

The Native American youth we serve face chronic socioeconomic hardship with an estimated 88% qualifying for free or reduced lunch. The average median income is $14,417 and it is estimated that nearly 60% of reservation residents are unemployed. Our students are also challenged by the transgenerational adverse impacts of historical trauma (e.g., loss of land, cultural genocide). We estimate that every family we serve has been impacted by alcoholism and drug abuse. We believe in educating the whole child to change the trajectory of their lives and lift them out of poverty.

St. Labre is not only an educational provider for these reservations, but a child welfare partner facilitating a wide range of community services which includes operating a Work Incentive Program (WIP), outreach services for the elderly, an onsite childcare center, clothing thrift store, and food pantry.

We also operate the Shiloh Youth Group Home for Native American children (ages 5-17) who have no other healthy home environment to live in.

As there are no other private, church-based schools on the Northern Cheyenne or Crow Indian reservations that provide tuition-free, private Catholic education, St. Labre plays an integral role in the spiritual, educational, and community outreach to these Native American students and their families. Since 2009, 81% of our graduates have matriculated to post-secondary education the first fall after graduation, as compared nationally where it is estimated that only 33% of all Native American high school graduates advance beyond high school.

We hope that you will become part of the St. Labre family and help keep the “miracle” alive for these deserving boys and girls. 

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