Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand


Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

Mission Statement

We’re working to rescue, protect and conserve wildlife in Asia.

We do this through wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, illegal wildlife trade investigation and campaigning, and through education initiatives.

WFFT currently provides care to more than 700 rescued wild animals of 62 species. They live in spacious enclosures with the company of their own species (where appropriate). Some species currently in our care include more than 300 primates (including macaques, gibbons, lorises, langurs and great apes), elephants, otters, bears, felines, and numerous other species. Furthermore, every year we rescue and rehabilitate +/-150 wild animals to return to the wild, including avian species, pangolins, primates and more. It is only animals who cannot be returned to the wild who remain at our sanctuary. 

Why Donate to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand?

In Thailand, like in many countries around the world, animals are abused and exploited for profit and human gratification. They are used as photo props to take selfies with, ‘trained’ to perform in degrading shows, and forced to work in elephant camps (to name a few). Furthermore, there is still a thriving illegal trade in wild animals for ‘exotic’ pets and medicine.

Right now, there are countless wild animals out there in urgent need of rescue. Every week we receive calls about elephants chained up, primates in tiny cages, great apes being used as photo props and numerous other species suffering in terrible conditions. It is only with your kindness that can we help more animals.

By donating to WFFT, you will enable us to rescue more animals from exploitation, harm and abuse and provide them with the chance to overcome their trauma in large enclosures and receive the first-class veterinary and daily care they deserve after often many years of suffering. 

Learn More

 Donation website: https://www.wfft.org/
 Twitter: @WFFThailand

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