The nsoro Educational Foundation


The nsoro Educational Foundation

Mission Statement

Since 2005, The nsoro Educational Foundation has provided critical support to young people aging out of our nation’s foster care system through the attainment of a post-secondary education.

nsoro’s scholarship, mentorship, and executive coaching programs equips collegians with essential tools to navigate their academic journey and more importantly, helps to positions a stable transition from college to career.

nsoro serves as a powerful disrupting agent for youth who are often trapped in systemic poverty and cyclical setbacks.

At nsoro, scholar success goes beyond achieving the dream of a college degree, it empowers equitable opportunities for a population of young people who reside at the edge of awareness, 78% of which are Black and Latinx collegians. 

Why Donate to The nsoro Educational Foundation?

Founded in 2005, The nsoro Educational Foundation believes not one young person aging out of our nation’s foster care system should have to navigate the world alone. Our mission provides the access to and attainment of post secondary education through a holistic scholarship that shepherds our youth to and through college, optimally positioning our graduates for an equitable transition into adulthood.

Our collegians are able to direct their $12,000 gap funding scholarship toward tuition, housing, books, fees and food security over their course of their academic journey, at all levels of education – Associate, Bachelor’s, Masters and Technical degrees, through age 26.

The nsoro Scholarship includes a comprehensive mentor program anchored in three tenets – emotional intelligence, financial literacy and workforce readiness. The scholar’s certified executive coach remains in place throughout their college career.


Compared to the national 4% college graduation rate of former foster youth.

346 college graduates
nsoro currently supports 302 scholars across 32 states attending 191 colleges and universities.

98% Rewrote the narrative
nsoro Scholars are responsible, young adults. They have not abused drugs, alcohol and have not been incarcerated, severing the cyclical outcomes inherent to this vulnerable population.

nsoro $3.7M has awarded in scholarships & college preparatory programs

20,000+ youth age out
*20% of these youth are homeless at the age of 18
*50% will have gainful employment by age 24
*1 in 4 will graduate from high school or get a GED
*1 in 2 will develop a substance abuse
$300,000 in societal costs per youth over their lifetime 

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