The Seasteading Institute


The Seasteading Institute

Mission Statement

Seasteading is building floating communities with significant political autonomy. We promote the creation of floating ocean societies as a revolutionary solution to some of the world’s most pressing problems: rising sea levels, political conflict, poor governance, and more… 

Why Donate to The Seasteading Institute?

Now that we have inspired at least a dozen active seasteading projects around the world, our urgent imperative is to secure the legal framework for all seasteads to flourish. We will achieve this by partnering with flagging registries and to clearly define seasteads in international law.

Building a legal path for seasteading requires navigating the legal and bureaucratic systems that have developed over thousands of years of maritime activity. We have a team of qualified and dedicated volunteers, but we will need to pay professional consultants to help.

Your donations will help us create a clear, legal path for a multitude of seasteading entrepreneurs, so that they can create a profitable marketplace for the seasteading industry. 

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 Twitter: @Seasteading

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