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Urban Teachers

Mission Statement

At Urban Teachers, our mission is to improve educational and life outcomes of children in urban schools by preparing culturally competent, effective career teachers who accelerate student achievement and disrupt systems of racial and socioeconomic inequity. It is our vision that every student in the United States is taught by committed, well-prepared, culturally competent teachers. 

Why Donate to Urban Teachers?

Amidst the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic for students, families, teachers, and schools, communities across the U.S. are working around the clock to advance educational recovery and combat widening opportunity gaps impacting our most marginalized PreK-12 students. Though much has changed, teachers are still the *number-one* school-based factor in our students’ educational experiences – with a proven effect on both immediate academic outcomes and well-being, and longer-term life outcomes such as earnings.

Bringing more well-prepared, committed, equity-focused teachers into our urban public schools remains an urgent investment, and Urban Teachers invites you to join us in recruiting, preparing, developing, and supporting a growing network of diverse aspiring teachers to become effective, inclusive life-long urban educators through our unique four-year model. Currently operating in Baltimore, DC, and Dallas and launching in Philadelphia, we ensure that every new aspiring teacher receives multiple years of supported classroom experience (including a full-year co-teaching residency), holistic training tailored to their city, personalized coaching, and accountability before they are fully licensed to teach – developing teachers who are ready to engage every learner on day one, and who will make a difference for years to come. Through an innovative business model in which dollars are laser-focused on programming and more and more of our core program expenses are funded through earned revenue, we are also proving that these deep investments in our teachers can be scaled and sustained across our communities. 

By demonstrating what is possible when we seek out and truly support diverse future career educators, we are reimagining the future of U.S. teacher recruitment, preparation, and support, and building and growing a network of incredible educators who will reimagine the future of teaching and learning alongside our students and families. We are excited to bring more investors and change agents with us on this innovative journey through cryptocurrency donations. Thank you for your partnership in this important work. 

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 Donation website: http://urbanteachers.org/
 Twitter: @Urban_Teachers

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