Mission Statement

Us4Warriors ™ is The Us for Warriors Foundation, an award-winning team dedicated to uplift and improve the quality of life for military, veterans, & their families during times of need. The tenants of the mission are to help them live, help them prosper & help reach a point of self-reliance that allows them to aspire for their dreams. From our Food4Warriors Programs providing hunger relief to our Work4Warriors Program providing paths to employment to the many good deed projects of our Warrior Volunteer Force, Us4Warriors is dedicated to uplifting a community to help thousands of warriors & their families live stronger lives. The mission is clear: “Everything we do helps the troops, veterans and their families. 

Why Donate to Us4Warriors?

Providing a pathway for cryptocurrency holders to change the lives of those in need. Supporting the troops, Veterans & their families!

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1. Give Help To Those In Need
2. Support A Cause That Delivers
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5. Support Crypto Adoption 

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