Wings For Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation


Wings For Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation

Mission Statement

Wings for Life is a not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation. Our mission is to find a cure for spinal cord injury. We fund world-class scientific research and clinical trials around the globe aimed at healing the injured spinal cord. 

Why Donate to Wings For Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation?

Finding a cure is not a matter of if it is possible, but when it will happen.

Historically, both cancer and HIV were probable death sentences, even as recently as the 1980s. Today, testicular cancer is 98% curable and HIV is a condition classed as a “manageable illness”. Both these medical advances were only made possible through scientific research. Curing spinal cord injury is one of the last few riddles that remain, but Wings for Life are a small charity with a big ambition.

Globally, over 250,000 suffer a traumatic spinal cord injury every year and most become wheelchair users as a result. It can affect anyone at any time, and the impact lasts a lifetime. At Wings for Life, we believe in a different future where people affected by spinal cord injury have a set of treatment options available to them. We realize that our goal is ambitious, but science and technology are moving at an ever increasing pace. We fund the world’s most promising scientific research and clinical trials around the globe, aimed at finding a cure for spinal cord injury. Since Wings for Life was first founded, a number of vital breakthroughs have been made and there is now real and legitimate hope spinal cord injury can be cured in our lifetime.

We operate in a saturated market, competing with prevalent causes such as cancer, child poverty and heart disease and as a result scientific research into curing spinal cord injury is desperately underfunded. Thanks to the resilient nature of humankind, most people manage to adapt their lives around their injury but the cost can be huge. Not just to the individual affected, but their loved ones too. After an injury most people live through months if not years of rehabilitative therapy, living in hospital spinal units. On discharge, many are reliant on full time live-in carers. There are numerous ‘support’ charities out there, who provide practical assistance after an injury but very few dedicated to finding a cure.

In order to maximize our impact we promise that 100% of every donation we receive goes directly into top class research as all of our costs are covered by the Red Bull Company.

Finding a cure to spinal cord injury will be our legacy. 

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